What’s IoT Got to Do with Chai?


IoT makes chai consumption error-free, transparent

While the entire world has resorted to technology for making everything error-free, why should consumption of chai go amiss? If you relate the word ‘transparency’ only to government procedures or official audits, you are highly mistaken as now we have tea joints like Chai Point focusing on making your cup of chai faultess and data savvy, thanks to IoT again.

Its IoT and Android powered boxC.in machines use IoT to throw error codes in case a discrepancy occurs in the machine. These codes lead to a ticketing mechanism providing a first hand information about the error to the repair and management team for quick solution. Not just saving time for the customers, these IoT enabled machines can also reflect data about each and every cup of chai consumed.


Speaking about the benefits of boxC.in, Shirish Surti, vice president (VP), Engineering at Chai Point, said: “Several organisations have installed boxC.in to serve chai with fresh milk to their employees and avoid using premix based beverages. These machines provide an employee with access to error free digital invoicing and transparency in consumption, keeping constant eye on the procedure.”

Shedding some light on how boxC.in works, Shirish added: “It was in 2016 that we flagged off boxC.in and a year later came the android version of the same. We have our command centre that watches the machine’s condition, consumption patterns, stock status and more. Its IoT powered feature enables it generate reports and alert the command centre regarding any issue. We have over 2,000 boxC.in installations that are operating at present in the country.”

Chai Monk brews ‘Meri Wali Chai’ for all

Missing your mom’s handmade malai chai with that special mommy flavour? Chai Monk, an AI based robot making customised tea will get the same flavour right on your table consistently, irrespective of whatever Chaayos cafes you visit. It will make sure you get the ‘Meri Wali Chai’ across all locations. The robot’s uniqueness lies in the handmade way it brews a cup of chai for you.

Explaining the part that IoT plays, Nitin Saluja, founder and CEO at Chaayos, said: “Chai Monk is an IoT based robot. When you place an order, Monk automatically receives the details and it starts brewing your chai. It can customise your milk, sugar, tea leaf and add-ons all by just placing the order at the POS. It has completely automated the process of chai making, bringing consistency across all Chaayos cafés. As we expanded our presence to more cities and locations we wanted to ensure that the experience remains seamless and consistent in every order.

At Chaayos, technology is the backbone. “It powers our real time cloud-based POS system, our supply chain module, our delivery business and web app, analytics, training and of course, Chai Monk. Technology brings efficiency and speed in the system and helps reduce man and material wastage. It also helps us in identifying what works best for our customers. All our menu additions are based on our customer data and we have been able to tailor our customer experience accordingly,” said Nitin.

He added: “Our café teams are trained through an online video-based training module and the entire process of training and certification is completely automated and can be monitored to ensure maximum effectiveness. Kettle, Chaayos’ consumer insight tool enables live inventory status at our café locations and it helps keep order cancellation and wastage to a bare minimum.”

Needless to say, IoT is no more limited to gadgets and appliances but has already sneaked in our cups and plates. It is great news for tech addicts to smell technology in your day’s cup of chai. Apart from Arya, Chai Point and Chaayos, there are several other India based tea joints like Tea Halt, Madras Cafe and many more making use of advanced technology like IoT, AI and robotics to blend the perfect cup of chai for you. Next time you visit a tea outlet, make sure to not miss these technovations apart from enjoying a relieving cup of chai.



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