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An Organisation Must Have a Data Centre Disaster Recovery Plan

Solutions for data-, network- and server-related concerns are designed and precision-engineered to perfection. Deepshikha Shukla of Electronics For You discusses the scope of data centres with Ravi Raj Udyavar, brand head and director – sales and support, NetRack Enclosures Pvt Ltd

Q. How big is the Indian data centre industry?

Ravi Raj Udyavar, Brand Head and Director - Sales and Support, Nerack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd.

Ravi Raj Udyavar, Brand Head and Director – Sales and Support, Nerack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd.

A. Data centres are the backbone of the IT industry. According to the latest report by Gartner, India will be the second largest market for data centres in Asia-Pacific region by 2020. High growth and demand are expected from verticals like BFSI, telecom, IT and ITeS. Effective data centre solutions will enable better power and energy management, asset management, environmental monitoring with integration to precision air-conditioning (PAC), IP port availability, power socket availability and more.

Q. How do natural disasters affect data centres?

A. The entire organisation gets paralysed, causing substantial loss of revenue. Power outages are one of the most common natural disasters associated with inclement weather. Water and fire are other major concerns. An organisation must have a data centre disaster recovery plan to prevent financial loss and loss of key clients.

Q. What are the challenges in providing effective data centre solutions?

A. Heat dissipation, cooling arrangement, cable management and effective power consumption are important for powerful data centre solution designs.

Weight management is also a vital factor. Managing weight per square metre considering the static weight of the servers in the racks is challenging.

Use of brush modules and thermal sealing make sure that hot and cool air do not get mixed. Rack manufacturers must operate in unison with PAC to take a decision on rack and corridor solutions.

Q. How are manufacturers dealing with these?

A. They are coming up with disaster-proof products, using seismic rack systems, indestructible storage servers and other equipment to resist extreme conditions. These solutions provide an extra layer of security and scalability for data centres.

For example, iRack—a self-cooled, self-powered and self-contained solution—is especially designed to suit the requirements of SMEs, banking and warehouses. iRack blocks are designed for the corporate/enterprise segment. An in-rack cooling unit can be used in places where setting up a large data centre is not possible. NetRack integrates UPSes, battery banks, a 3kW PAC unit and an intelligent power distribution unit, for power, surveillance and environmental management. iRack equipped with blanking panels, air-seal kit, brush models and panels are used for airflow management.

Q. Can you give an example of a technology that is used for sound-proof cabinets?

A. Active Silencer Fan Tray is a fan drawer, designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air in and out of an enclosure, while preventing noise from escaping. The unit is lined with acoustic materials and equipped with noise-cancelling technology, which reduces low frequency noise.

Cool air is suctioned in through the fan tray at the bottom of ARA. Air is directed to the front of the unit, where a cool wall of air is formed, which flows through the equipment to the rear of the cabinet. The newly warm air is emitted out from the front of the cabinet through a second fan tray positioned at the top. This keeps continuous flow of fresh air through ARA cabinet. This design allows users to place the rack close to a wall, which provides high flexibility and saves valuable space.

Q. Are there any certifications required for data centres?

A. For data centres, certifications like ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001:2007 for occupational health and safety management systems are important. Standards like UL, ISO, WEE, and ROHS must be followed. Delivering strategic assets along with quality and post-sales support should be the norm.

Q. What are the solutions offered by NetRack for data centres?

A. NetRack offers a set of high-quality racks with integrated cable management, intelligent PDUs, intelligent rack access and environmental monitoring, asset management and containments/corridors.

One of our latest offerings, Acoustic Rack is built with both passive and active noise cancellation, in collaboration with Selenium, Israel. This solution is great for offices or labs where there is availability for cooling. The rack has the capability to handle 7kVA heat load and can reduce noise levels to 50dB.

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