A Cellphone That Can Be Worn Like A Ring

Every new technology seems futuristic in the beginning, and it can be hard to understand the values and everyday applications of it. When voice...

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Mobile Apps to Make Digital Payments Simpler

Digital payment methods have become a preferred choice in almost any purchases we make nowadays. Thanks to the governments’ Digital India drive, various payment...

High-Flying Solutions To Connect The World

Lightning-speed connectivity is something many of us take for granted, as also the ability to connect anywhere, anytime using our mobile networks. However, we...

Energy Saving and Comfort with IoT and Cloud Computing in Buildings

The employee productivity is vastly impacted by the office environment. For instance, over-cooling and hot-spots impact employee productivity by 8-10%, reveals Harvard School of Public Health report. The...

Is India Reaping The Benefits Of LPWAN Yet?

Low power communication technologies are reshaping the way data is transmitted today. While mobile and Wi-Fi services remain the primary mode of communication, smart...
water leakage monitoring

Devices to Automate Water Leakage Monitoring

The sensorised devices by Grohe can detect water leakage, send alerts on smartphone and auto-shutdown the leaking water line. Smart technologies are useful in reducing...

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Anil Kumble’s Spektacom Technologies Launches ‘Power Bat’

It provides real-time data on a player's performance based on different parameters such as speed and twist of the bat’s impact with the ball...

Naya Raipur Gets Smarter with Integrated Command and Control Centre

Over five lakh citizens of Naya Raipur will now enjoy the privileges of a smart city covered with GIS mapping, 128 CCTV cameras, 40...
UPI 2.0

UPI upgraded to version 2.0, new features introduced

The updated version of the unified payment interface (UPI) adds overdraft account linking facility, payment scheduling, invoice to inbox, signed intent and QR verification. The...
FASTag Speeds Up Highways

All Cars To Have Tags To Speed Through Toll Plazas

India's transport ministry notified today that FASTags (RFID tags) will be fixed on windscreens of all new four-wheelers coming out of factories or dealerships...