The is_user_logged_in() function is a WordPress function that checks if a user is logged in. You can customize the event names and categories as needed. Testing: After making these changes, it's essential to test the tracking to ensure it's working as expected. Please note that this second method requires coding knowledge and may require ongoing maintenance as your theme and tracking requirements change. Additionally, make sure you have proper consent and comply with privacy regulations when tracking user activity, especially for logged-in users.
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How Vodafone utilizes technology to provide efficient service

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Vodafone India is the second largest player in the Indian telecom sector after Bharti Airtel, with a base of over 200 million subscribers. The telco giant uses digital GSM technologies on 900MHz and 1800MHz frequencies to offer traditional 2G and 3G services alongside an advanced 4G LTE network. Apart from offering mobile device users in… Read More »How Vodafone utilizes technology to provide efficient service