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How to select drones for your business

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Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, were originally developed for military purposes. These are aerial vehicles without a pilot, which are controlled either from ground using radio controllers or are programmed for autonomous flights. Now, besides military action, drones are being built for various kinds of applications that are usually boring, routine or too… Read More »How to select drones for your business

Cost-Effective Computer Vision System to Reduce Parking Frustrations

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Analog Devices and Cambridge Consultants today announced a cost-effective, smart monitoring system that helps ease parking frustrations for drivers. The innovative system saves drivers time and makes parking easier by monitoring space occupancy for on-street and indoor garage parking spaces without adding expensive infrastructure. This enables a number of significant parking improvements. For example, drivers… Read More »Cost-Effective Computer Vision System to Reduce Parking Frustrations


IoTfy Your Business

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Internet of Things(IoT) – A new revolution that is going to be the core backbone of business in the years to come. Industry is getting ready to adopt this massive change that is likely to hit it sooner than later. As per a recent survey [1] 96% of the senior business leaders have plan to… Read More »IoTfy Your Business

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