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smart technology

road safety

BlackBox To Analyse Vehicle Accidents

Founded by Aswini Rao Nunna, Swadhin Sonowal and Gaurav Kumar, Cyrrup Solutions is in the business of safety. Its initial focus is on the telematics sector, specifically in four-wheeler commercial vehicle safety. It intends to reduce the number of accidents happening across Indian roads by installing Internet of Things (IoT) devices with multiple sensors. The… Read More »BlackBox To Analyse Vehicle Accidents

smart bicycles

Smart bicycles hit the road

Bicycles from Tour de France really get my inner-cyclist all worked up! Bicycles are becoming really handy in terms of hydraulics, lightweight, sturdiness and flexibility. But expansion of smart technology into the bikes is what has really impressed me. Bikes today can give you directions without the need of your smartphone. You can unlock your… Read More »Smart bicycles hit the road

Automated Irrigation: Stepping Stone To Productive Farming

Automation is finding its way to help farmers get the best out of their yards. Let’s take a look into how the agricultural community of India can benefit from sensor-driven automated setups. Challenges in manual irrigation Irrigation is the process of applying the right amount of usable water at the right time to cultivation lands… Read More »Automated Irrigation: Stepping Stone To Productive Farming