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smart plug

smart plug

Interesting Ways Smart Plugs Improve Your Business

The benefits of smart plugs, smart switches and power strips for businesses are aplenty. Capable of saving 20 to 30 per cent of energy consumption by controlling electrical appliances, these devices have become regular favourites in many offices. However, their usefulness expands beyond the realm of energy savings. Commonly found in current ratings between 6A… Read More »Interesting Ways Smart Plugs Improve Your Business

Betty – The super-power to save power

Electricity bills form a major part of office and household running costs. For organisations, average electricity consumption accounts for 19 per cent of the running expenditure. Traditionally, in India meter readings are taken manually, which quite often end up as ‘round-off’ or ‘approximate’ figures. Moreover, users do not get to see exactly how they are… Read More »Betty – The super-power to save power