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smart lighting

smart lighting

Smart lighting solutions to improve guest room experience

Lutron electronics has unveiled a number of interesting smart lighting and room aesthetics control solutions that can greatly enhance the decorative appeal of a room. Be it for home-owners or for guest rooms, these range of technologies can be very useful to improve the appearance and experience of a room while saving a good amount… Read More »Smart lighting solutions to improve guest room experience

Impact Of Smart Workplaces On Enhanced Employee Productivity

Most of us spend eight to ten hours in our workplace every day. These are also our most productive. Considering this fact, employers, developers and investors are now focusing on making work hours the most resourceful. Most organisations spend about 90 per cent of their operating capital on the well-being of their employees. Even a… Read More »Impact Of Smart Workplaces On Enhanced Employee Productivity

smart lighting

Does Your Office Intuitively Light Itself?

Your work environment plays a huge role in increasing or decreasing your productivity. The ambience, the texture, the noise and colours—everything around you influences your senses and sets your mood. Sometimes we notice the effect, mostly we don’t. Various researches around the world have time and again proved that everything in our working space impacts… Read More »Does Your Office Intuitively Light Itself?