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smart city

smart city

New Delhi Municipality inaugurates free WiFi and more smart city facilities

Smart poles with WiFi facility, surveillance cameras and environmental monitoring and other smart city infrastructure flagged off, more suggestions from experts. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) kicked off the free WiFi project under the Smart City initiative. The launch was done at Charkha Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi by Union home minister Rajnath Singh.… Read More »New Delhi Municipality inaugurates free WiFi and more smart city facilities

networking technology, smart world

Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities

An international alliance aims at developing an open source, multi-transport wireless networking technology and data model to eliminate dependency on proprietary solutions The uCIFI Alliance, an alliance including members from Kerlink, EDMI and Schréder, announced their goal of reducing complexities for device suppliers and delivering data and services consistently regardless of the concerned network. A step… Read More »Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities


Is India Reaping The Benefits Of LPWAN Yet?

Low power communication technologies are reshaping the way data is transmitted today. While mobile and Wi-Fi services remain the primary mode of communication, smart cities and IoT-powered applications can leverage better from low-powered wide area networks (LPWAN). Kishore S. Nambiar, head – business development and innovation, Unlimit IoT Pvt Ltd, says about India’s adoption of… Read More »Is India Reaping The Benefits Of LPWAN Yet?

smart city

How smart can your city get?

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Some define a smart city as a city studded with sensors, which collect information to help manage the city’s assets and resources efficiently. Others say it is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to transform life and working environments within a region. But, the Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission website probably says it… Read More »How smart can your city get?