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water leakage monitoring

Devices to Automate Water Leakage Monitoring

The sensorised devices by Grohe can detect water leakage, send alerts on smartphone and auto-shutdown the leaking water line. Smart technologies are useful in reducing wastage of resources like electricity and water, and in better maintenance of appliances. Water line monitoring is important as any incident of unnoticed water leakage does not only waste a… Read More »Devices to Automate Water Leakage Monitoring


Enhance Preventive Care with Digital Health Sensors

Continuous, remote monitoring can provide useful insights into one’s health and well-being. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, patch-like devices, and even clothing and jewelry can be designed to measure and evaluate certain health parameters. Enabling these devices to provide such useful insights are an array of digital health technologies. Sensors, for example, collect voluminous amounts of data… Read More »Enhance Preventive Care with Digital Health Sensors

Automated Irrigation: Stepping Stone To Productive Farming

Automation is finding its way to help farmers get the best out of their yards. Let’s take a look into how the agricultural community of India can benefit from sensor-driven automated setups. Challenges in manual irrigation Irrigation is the process of applying the right amount of usable water at the right time to cultivation lands… Read More »Automated Irrigation: Stepping Stone To Productive Farming

Cost-Effective Computer Vision System to Reduce Parking Frustrations

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Analog Devices and Cambridge Consultants today announced a cost-effective, smart monitoring system that helps ease parking frustrations for drivers. The innovative system saves drivers time and makes parking easier by monitoring space occupancy for on-street and indoor garage parking spaces without adding expensive infrastructure. This enables a number of significant parking improvements. For example, drivers… Read More »Cost-Effective Computer Vision System to Reduce Parking Frustrations