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IoT tea

If we over-supply it creates wastage, if we under-supply we lose out on sales

We recently interviewed Shirish Surti, VP – Engineering, Chai Point on how adopting open source technology with minimum investment has given their start up a boost. He also informed, Syeda Beenish, Executive Editor – EFY, that besides open source, Chai Point also banks heavily on the trending technology- Internet of Things (IoT) to serve its customers better. Chai… Read More »If we over-supply it creates wastage, if we under-supply we lose out on sales


Smart POS: On-The-Go Money-Maker

Businesses are going flexible with the upheaval of cashless transactions. Demonetisation has further expanded this transition, driving a great surge in the usage of swipe machines and e-wallets. Smart point-of-sale (POS) or mobile POS (mPOS) machines are retailers’ best friends in light of the recent events. Here are a few reasons why enterprises are using… Read More »Smart POS: On-The-Go Money-Maker