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medical electronics

Medical Devices For Home-Use

In the fast-pace modern life, it is difficult to find time to visit doctors for regular checkups. However, we must all be aware of our various health parameters like blood pressure, insulin levels, haemoglobin, pulse rate and so on. With the advent of portable medical testing devices, we can take care of ourselves from home,… Read More »Medical Devices For Home-Use


VAPCare: Medical Electronics To Improve ICUs

High-quality medical services are critical all over the world. India’s medical communities are working hard to bring the best infrastructure and most upgraded setups to us. Quality and scope of services of electromedical devices have been expanded—more so to intensive care units (ICUs). Coeo Labs, a Bengaluru-based startup, designs and delivers such advanced equipment. Problems… Read More »VAPCare: Medical Electronics To Improve ICUs