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IoT-Enabled Lighting Can Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption

As the world is moving towards a sustainable future, workplaces are being designed to be energy efficient, to provide employees with a more productive environment. Sumit Joshi, vice chairman and managing director, Philips Lighting India, in conversation with Nidhi Arora, executive editor, Electronics For You, shares how India is creating smart workplaces Q. What is… Read More »IoT-Enabled Lighting Can Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption

LED filament bulbs awaiting their brand Messiah

In ‘Unplugged Courtyard’ dining restaurant they entice us as stars, in ‘Sevilla’ they bring out the vintage charm, and in ‘Too Indian’ the central chandelier is one of their best avatars. LED filament bulbs are enhancing the aesthetic appeal of restaurants, salons and other retail spaces. These add glamour to interiors of almost all visually… Read More »LED filament bulbs awaiting their brand Messiah