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Internet of Things

Aeris Connected Vehicle Solution Helps Recover Stolen eRickshaw

Galaxy, a client of Aeris, first implemented Aeris Connected eRickshaw solution in as many as 100 of its eRickshaws eight months back Aeris, an Internet of Things (IoT) technology partner for enterprises, successfully tracked and recovered a stolen electric rickshaw through its Connected eRickshaw solution. Launched in 2018, Aeris Connected eRickshaw solution helps transform conventional… Read More »Aeris Connected Vehicle Solution Helps Recover Stolen eRickshaw

networking technology, smart world

Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities

An international alliance aims at developing an open source, multi-transport wireless networking technology and data model to eliminate dependency on proprietary solutions The uCIFI Alliance, an alliance including members from Kerlink, EDMI and Schréder, announced their goal of reducing complexities for device suppliers and delivering data and services consistently regardless of the concerned network. A step… Read More »Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities


Security in the IoT

A recent false report in newspapers about breach of data at Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) caused a huge turmoil both at national and international levels. A lot of government organisations came under the scanner. The incident questioned validity of the entire digitisation movement. With all the government data being processed smartly… Read More »Security in the IoT