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India, boy, children, facial recognition software

Delhi Police using Facial Recognition Software to Identify Lost Children

In a new experimental trial of facial recognition Software (FRS) by New Delhi police, thousands of children who vanished in the streets, alleyways and slums of India has been identified within only a few days. Thousands of children get lost across the world every year. It takes months or even years to identify them. A… Read More »Delhi Police using Facial Recognition Software to Identify Lost Children

ISRO & Railways Partner Again to Improve Safety

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After their earlier alliance in 2015, ISRO and Indian Railways have once again partnered. This time the target is to improve safety at unmanned railway crossings. A satellite-based system is being setup on five trains plying on different routes as a pilot project. Here, an IC-based system capable of communicating with ISRO’s satellites is being… Read More »ISRO & Railways Partner Again to Improve Safety

India to Have an ‘Online’ National Test Agency

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A major change has been set in motion with India’s Union Cabinet approving creation of a National Testing Agency (NTA). It’s to be an autonomous organization that will conduct entrance examinations for higher educational institutions. Tests & Exams Its tests will cater to 40 lakh students annually and will relieve CBSE, AICTE and other entrance… Read More »India to Have an ‘Online’ National Test Agency

Digital Transactions Growing in India

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A recent info-graphic (Times of India) neatly depicts growth of digital transactions in India. It is based on a recent report shared with the finance standing committee of Parliament. It indicates that digital transactions are expected to grow by 80%, and touch Rs 1800 crore in this financial year!

Digital India: Army Gets New Software

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Developed by TCS, Integrated Quarter Master Package (IQMP) software application was formally released to the Indian Army today. The application automates various logistics-related functions of an army unit. IQMP comprises thirteen modules to automate all the logistics functions at unit level. It will help in effective logistics management and decision making, thereby assisting army units… Read More »Digital India: Army Gets New Software

FASTag Speeds Up Highways

All Cars To Have Tags To Speed Through Toll Plazas

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India’s transport ministry notified today that FASTags (RFID tags) will be fixed on windscreens of all new four-wheelers coming out of factories or dealerships from 1st December, 2017. In case of vehicles with drive-away-chassis, such as trucks and buses, the FASTags will be installed by owners before registration. NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) has… Read More »All Cars To Have Tags To Speed Through Toll Plazas

Drone Policy India

India to Have a Drone Policy Soon!

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India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation today announced draft regulations on civil use of  Drones. Technical term for them is Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. As per the draft,  the drones have been classified as follows on the basis of their maximum take-off weight, and are proposed to be operated in visual line of sight, during day… Read More »India to Have a Drone Policy Soon!

India’s Defense Sector – Focusing on Indigenous and Green Technologies

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‘ I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interactions. The world will have a generation of idiots.’ – Albert Einstein The Paris Agreement on climate change is now the basis for many decisions on the manufacturing processes and systems that should be followed all over the world. While industry at large slowly… Read More »India’s Defense Sector – Focusing on Indigenous and Green Technologies

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