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hotel automation


Robots for Automated Pizza-Making

Mechanised alternatives to hand-made pizzas with improved overall delivery rates A pizzaiolo robot launched by a French start-up Ekim can help automate the process of making pizzas. With three arms and programmed gestures similar to those of pizza-makers, it can make several pizzas simultaneously. Underlying objective The idea of a robot pizza-maker was proposed by… Read More »Robots for Automated Pizza-Making

Automation and smart technologies to improve hotel and hospitality businesses

India’s hospitality industry is readily adopting technology to provide better services. As customers are increasingly relying on digital platforms, hotels too are turning to technology and automation to keep up. Technologies like appliance automation, services control, tracking solutions, cloud-based data collection and analytics are garnering great demand for their significant impact on the hotel business.… Read More »Automation and smart technologies to improve hotel and hospitality businesses