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Smart Inspection Technologies Reduce Industrial Opex

Inspection processes we had in past were unreliable, time-consuming and unsafe for humans. To address these challenges at the industrial scale, smart inspection solutions are taking over. In asset-intensive industries, inspections are essential. Any unplanned shutdown can result in huge losses. In manufacturing firms, construction or giant public sector industries, assets are the major investment… Read More »Smart Inspection Technologies Reduce Industrial Opex

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Drone That Can Fly On Its Own

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are reaching new heights of advancements as underlying components and programs keep improving. Drones—one of the most popular forms of UAVs today—are being used in a variety of applications, including personal use, package delivery, professional photography and videography, and surveillance. Beijing-headquartered ZeroZero Robotics has taken drones a step further, by designing… Read More »Drone That Can Fly On Its Own

Drones For Agriculture: Benefits And Concerns

Pre-programmed automated application of materials not only leads to a perfect nutrient balance for crops, it also significantly saves wastage of these elements. Agricultural yield is directly proportional to the level of precision maintained in the materials used in farming, alongside quality of soil, climate and environmental conditions. India’s agri-community is still dependent on their… Read More »Drones For Agriculture: Benefits And Concerns


High-Flying Solutions To Connect The World

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Lightning-speed connectivity is something many of us take for granted, as also the ability to connect anywhere, anytime using our mobile networks. However, we are only a gifted fraction of the world’s population. Describing an image of the Earth’s wireless data coverage (2G, 3G, 4G and beyond), shown by Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer… Read More »High-Flying Solutions To Connect The World

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How to select drones for your business

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Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, were originally developed for military purposes. These are aerial vehicles without a pilot, which are controlled either from ground using radio controllers or are programmed for autonomous flights. Now, besides military action, drones are being built for various kinds of applications that are usually boring, routine or too… Read More »How to select drones for your business

A Sunrise Peppered With Drones

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When I started work on this story at the close of 2015, the USA’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was voicing serious concerns about the number of drones expected to be bought by people during the 2015 Christmas sales. Ranging from simple US$ 20 toys to high-end quadcopters, FAA was expecting a million unmanned aerial vehicles… Read More »A Sunrise Peppered With Drones

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Drones: Show Me The Money

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The CIA first used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over Afghanistan in 2000, and post the 2001 terror attacks in the USA drones have become a part of the US military. However, since then the consumption of drones has evolved considerably. From military to commercial sectors, drone technology is fast being adopted by individuals, corporates and… Read More »Drones: Show Me The Money

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