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Doorstep delivery of government documents for Delhi citizens

The helpline-based system supports services for 40 document types as of now, which is set to increase to 100 in another three months. The Delhi State Government launched the first doorstep public services delivery facility on Monday. Delhi citizens can now dial the helpline number 1076 to avail a range of government documents at home.… Read More »Doorstep delivery of government documents for Delhi citizens

Drones: Show Me The Money

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The CIA first used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over Afghanistan in 2000, and post the 2001 terror attacks in the USA drones have become a part of the US military. However, since then the consumption of drones has evolved considerably. From military to commercial sectors, drone technology is fast being adopted by individuals, corporates and… Read More »Drones: Show Me The Money

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