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WattMan: Enabling energy-saving and predictive maintenance for businesses

Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) have successfully stepped into the realm of energy efficiency. Using these technologies, businesses with geographically distributed framework can follow a centralised predictive and preventive maintenance model for their energy-driven assets and save a great deal on expenses. Gurgaon-based startup Zenatix Solutions has developed such a solution. Called WattMan, this end-to-end IoT-based building management system (BMS) can help businesses cut their electricity consumption by up to 30 per cent and substantially mitigate their maintenance struggles.

WattMan lets businesses like retail chains, banks and cold storages identify an upcoming infrastructural malfunction and take preventive measures accordingly. For example, Mother Dairy is using WattMan to check whether the storage cooling system at its outlets is drawing excess electricity than what it should. They get the cooling system serviced while arranging for a backup before the actual breakdown happens, essentially preventing unnecessary hassles, spoilage of products and interrupted business hours.

Read how Zenatix developed the Wattman system at

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