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Unique Mentorship Platform For Skilled Professionals

Founded by Deepak Goel, KarmaCircles is a unique peer-to-peer mentoring, networking and skill building platform where members of a community can give and receive professional help seamlessly. Communities include universities, alumni associations, corporates, co-working spaces, etc. One can create affinity groups, search extensively among members, ask queries, schedule time with each other, and publicly thank each other for their time and help. The community admin can get analytics on the effectiveness of communication, and achieve goals such as peer mentoring, fund-raising and engagement.

Even if you aren’t part of any premium community, you could join KarmaSphere—an all-inclusive community run by KarmaCircles itself.

KarmaCircles’ growth strategy not only includes acquisition of new clients across the education, not-for-profit and start-up ecosystem but also places a great emphasis on the growth of its employees. HR policies such as monthly one-on-one career growth meetings have ensured that the company builds a team that is invested in its mission.

KarmaCircles is trying to fundamentally change the way professional/social networks operate. A typical social network encourages its users to share excessively, is addictive by design and doesn’t care about the users’ time being wasted. KarmaCircles, however, has been designed as a utility product and saves users up to 90 per cent of the time wasted in getting help. The team believes that meetings with human voices involved cannot be replaced with texting or emailing, and have developed a proprietary AI-based algorithm that helps users schedule meetings effortlessly within minutes.

The platform has currently formed professional networks from institutes such as NMIMS, MDI, NDIM, FMS, NIT Kurukshetra and several IIMs along with a few NGOs and professional networking communities such as TiE Delhi.

KarmaCircles is available across all devices, which means you can access this app from your desktop PC, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or other tablets.

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