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Startups to Get a Launching Platform

A startup accelerator program designed to help startups create ideal products and innovative solutions that are market ready

‘NetApp excellerator program’ is a four-month-long program which will help startups develop cutting-edge solutions by providing them with access to NetApp’s technical and business mentorship, customers, tools, technology, and business support services along with a suitable coworking space as well as connect with some relevant investors.

Hybrid cloud and storage

NetApp works with startups that are interested to explore and take advantage of NetApp’s experience in the areas of hybrid cloud, storage, and data management.

The company is looking forward to have on board a wide array of startups from a diverse set of technology areas that include (but are not limited to) cloud, IoT, big data and analytics, machine learning, virtualization, data security, data management, storage, and other adjacent areas.

After program support

After a startup graduates from this program, NetApp tracks their progress through alumni programs, events and alliance partnerships. As alumni, they continue to have access to mentorship and go-to-market opportunities with NetApp, as well as access to other organizations and influential individuals in the ecosystem.

This year, the program has witnessed a diverse mix of startups with respect to gender, stage of evolution, and geography – a proof-point that increasing numbers of startups recognize the importance of data-driven business model.

Alliance partner and grants

The company has taken their relationship with BlobCity, SigTuple, and Nanobi( some startups funded by NetApp) to another level by making them their strategic alliance partners, which means they will co-create solutions and go to market with them.

NetApp offers an equity-free grant of US$15,000 to startups upon completion of the program and the startups own their intellectual property (IP). Hope such platforms encourage more and more startups to grow and sustain in today’s competitive market and also contribute to the economy of the country.

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