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Startup makes Designing your own Alexa Easy

Have you felt a disconnect with your Alexa and wished she could share more of your sense of humour or tell you an actually scary ghost story? Well now it’s possible

Startup storyline makes designing your own Alexa skills as easy and dragging and dropping speech blocks, and has just raised $770,000 in a funding round led by Boost VC to help grow its skill builder API (Application Program Interface). The company bridges the gap between creators and the tricky voice recognition software powering smart speakers like Alexa.

Friendly interface

Storyline is working to expand its team and its interface to other smart speakers, like Google Home, as well as work on integrating monetization and third-party services into the interface.

The user-friendly interface let’s users drag-and-drop speech commands and responses to customize user’s interactions with their smart speaker devices. Users can choose between templates for a skill or a flash briefing, and test the voice recognition and logic of the design live in their browser window.

Customised amazon skills

The storyline is not alone in this space however, Amazon itself released Amazon Blueprints that allows users to create customized Amazon skills using several different available templates.

As the smart speaker space, and subsequent skill creation one, continue to heat up, the creation of your perfectly customized new smart speaker family member may be closer than what people think.

The popular apps on Alexa are not the apps that let you chat with friends or browse your social networks. The most popular apps are content apps — the apps that you can use to play trivia games.


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