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A Magnetic Widget For Customer Engagement For Your Business

Founded by Ankur Phadnis, Feedify, in one statement, helps you get, retain and squeeze value out of your customer in today’s virtual world. It is a complete customer engagement product that offers all of these. Its push notification service helps you get the customer by turning every visitor into a potential subscriber and subsequently a customer. Notifications make sure that the subscribers know what is served to them on the platter and feed them with everything new you want for them so as to keep up their appetite.

To retain customers, Feedify’s feedback tools ensure that the subscribers are satisfied and you get to know if there is any scope for improvement. The click-to-action-enabled notifications make things a whole lot easier for the subscribers as they not only get reminded but are also aided in the decision-making process. The company also offers an after-sales feedback service that makes sure you know how you are doing.
Finally, they help you squeeze value out of your product through survey services and Ad-Network that they developed.

The technology behind Feedify (a widget and script that can be integrated with most popular platforms like Joamla, WordPress, Blogger, Magento and Wix) works on push service, which enables you to push content to your subscribers. An opt-in request shown to the visitor gets her or him converted to a subscriber. This also comes with the added advantage of reaching the user even when she or he is not on your website. It also provides exit intent to reduce bounce rates and a feed forward mechanism that helps sort the feedback received and shoots alerts to specific departments, thereby automating the processes.

In a virtual world, it is hard to mimic the power of business-customer interaction that exists in the real world. History shows examples of many great companies that continued to thrive, sometimes even without offering anything special, just because they engaged better with their customers.

While Feedify does not guarantee the warmth of a human presence, it ensures that the customers and businesses are as close to each other as possible. With its product, no website suffers the downside of looking like just another page in a mighty big book. Every word interacts. Every tool helps you establish two-way communication that is so important for survival on the Web.

Feedify not only relies on great tech for its growth, but also pays attention to behavioural economics to make money. The company’s growth strategy includes quickly adapting to new changes that market fluctuations and customer expectations bring with them, at the same time, paying attention to understanding customer behaviour and their needs to leverage growth.

Feedify team believes that the most essential aspect of growth is people. If they are successful to bring enough on customer’s side of the dock, they will surely sell more. With this understanding, they introduced Ad-Network gateway that helps businesses reach more and more people and, at the same time, helps clients and the company make more money.
When the idea of a product that turns visitors into customers was being executed, the team faced hiccups in its vision of creating a world-class product. But it was sheer persistence and an insatiable appetite to succeed that helped them create a satisfactory product.

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