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A CRM Tool To Help You Sell More In Less Time

Vyshakh Nair and Farooq A. Rahim identified the importance of resources a company allocates towards their sales team and the need to optimise the utilisation of those resources. They founded Deloz LLC as a sales automation platform for companies to organise their entire sales process, helping them build long-term quality relationships with their customers by remembering each and every detail of their interaction. They also guide organisations to make decisions backed by value-driven insights.

Nair shares how the absence of a reliable solution inspired them to build one themselves, “Before the advent of Deloz, we actually tried our hands on multiple other customer relationship management (CRM) tools for our other firms. It was a lot of effort and provided us with a few headaches here and there. We connected with many people and came to know that majority of the existing CRMs were developed a few years earlier and the current version is a result of older features stacked with the new features in the new release.

“This resulted in an overloaded CRM that was cumbersome to use for new users. Also, such CRMs were not really intuitive for user applications. Therefore we decided to create Deloz, an intuitive sales automation platform for sales professionals, lauded with just enough features for the users to get optimum use out of her or his data and be a cakewalk in getting onboard with the product.”

Team Deloz helps organisations build long-term quality relationships with their customers by remembering each and every detail of their interaction. How do they do that? By providing all user data in such effortless manner that following up on sales turns from headache to effortless fun. They also guide their clients to propel their business by making the right decisions.

They believe that any good product should just get better as you use it. Increase in sales and revenue, management of multiple revenue streams, unified communication, effective reporting and productivity boost are a few services Deloz inherently gives its users.
Sharing about Deloz’s growth plans and challenges, Vyshakh adds, “As a Dubai-based startup, we had a hard time understanding the cultural differences in the Western market, but it is well settled now.

“The second challenge was to keep the team motivated to work on such a competitive sector and on a Kaizen project like this, and to continuously scale ourselves up to gain absolute clarity over the decisions taken and strategies applied in coherence with the forecast results. We needed a robust yet high-level programming language to prototype our application backend, which is object-oriented, scalable and reliable when it comes to CPU-intensive operations. Since we advocate open source technologies, we chose Python. Even after all this time, we never regretted our decision.”

Keeping up with its commitment of delivering value, in April 2017, Deloz raised a Series A funding of US$ 1 million. On February 15, 2018, they had a soft launch, and the team has acquired more than 700 customers since then, solely through organic and partnership channels.

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