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BlackBox To Analyse Vehicle Accidents

Founded by Aswini Rao Nunna, Swadhin Sonowal and Gaurav Kumar, Cyrrup Solutions is in the business of safety. Its initial focus is on the telematics sector, specifically in four-wheeler commercial vehicle safety. It intends to reduce the number of accidents happening across Indian roads by installing Internet of Things (IoT) devices with multiple sensors. The solution is supported by backend computer algorithms to help analyse drivers’ behaviour and provide actionable insights.

The solution, Vehicle BlackBox, is a blend of software, firmware and hardware. It is said to be first of its kind in India to initiate scientific road-crash investigation. The software and firmware are completely developed in-house, while some of the hardware related jobs are outsourced. Essentially, it’s an integrated safety measures solution that attempts to address different causes of accidents.

In line with the concept “not one size fits all,” the solution is designed to be highly customisable. There is a range of products and services offered, depending on the solution chosen by the customer.

The sensor data collected from the BlackBox is communicated to the cloud server by means of mobile communication. At the cloud end, data analytic algorithms bring out an actionable insight reports for fleet owners.

While vehicle fleet owners are the direct beneficiaries of Cyrrup’s solution, other stakeholders include banks, insurance companies and local government bodies.
Currently, the four-wheeler B2B domain comprises individual solution providers and companies that import from China and sell the products as it is. The challenges being faced in the industry are:

1. Companies with big market share offer solutions at high prices
2. The solutions are not easily customisable for individual users
3. The solutions cannot be easily extended to accommodate new client requirements. For each new solution, a new vendor has to be contacted or a new device has to be ordered
4. The service support from Chinese partner is not full-fledged
5. Costly solutions for some of the premium requirements are imported from China as well as EU and Canada, which makes market penetration difficult for local vendors
Cyrrup offers an extensible solution, allowing a lot of customisation. All the features are developed in-house, which gives an edge in providing a good and reliable support.
The company is attempting to reduce the cost of the solution for premium or niche requirements in the market. It is also focusing on adding extra features on top of basic features like GPS tracking to bring out a market-suited product at lower cost.

Cyrrup won the competition at ZF pitch and a ticket to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas—the world’s largest electronics show—to showcase their product. It is also a NASSCOM 10K Startup and has been recognised by DIPP, central government of India.

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