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IoT Based Handheld System To Disrupt The Dairy Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly penetrating into traditional Indian businesses and is revolutionising the way they operate. Among IoT solution providers, Stellapps holds the distinction of disrupting the dairy industry in India. Being the first-of-its-kind end-to-end dairy technology company, Stellapps provides Big Data, Cloud, mobility and data analytics solutions harnessing power of the IoT to solve challenges in the dairy industry. Challenges include unavailability of local expertise at affordable rates as well as productivity, quality, supply chain, animal insurance and farmer payment related problems.

Stellapps is working towards providing comprehensive farm optimisation and monitoring tools to dairy industry, farms and cooperatives, making them more efficient. Its sophisticated solutions minimise hardware dependence and improve procurement processes.

They offer solutions to optimise milk production in farms and other collection centres through its products like BMC ConTrak and SmartAMCU. These solutions check the quality of the milk being produced and also help in storage optimisation. A part of the solution also helps to update dairy owners about the health of their cattle among other things.This state-of-the-art, microcontroller-based solution addresses advanced automation and control requirements of BMCs. The digital locking and improved tamperproof management system helps to ensure milk quality by preventing pilferage. SmartMoo BMC ConTrak is powered by the cloud-based SmartMoo platform to enable preventive diagnostics and remote monitoring of various BMC parameters such as temperature, volume, cleaning-in-place events, efficiency, malfunctioning and potential misuse. SMS alerts are sent to various stakeholders. Daily/weekly/monthly reports of BMC operation and related milk storage data are also available over the Internet through mobile phone or PC.

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