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Rockman Industries Deploys Fortinet Solutions to Protect its Plants from Sophisticated Threats

The Fortinet Security Fabric provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity, advanced threat protection and automated threat response.

L K Tripathi, Chief General Manager – IT, Rockman Industries Limited

Rockman Industries Limited, a company that manufactures Aluminium die casting components, machined and painted assemblies for the world’s leading motorcycle and automobile OEMs, has chosen Fortinet’s solutions to protect their data and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from advanced threats and gain real-time visibility for automated response to security incidents.

Rockman Industries is part of the Hero Group, one of the most respected business houses in India known for delivering innovative and cost-effective engineering products, services and solutions.

The company has chosen FortiGate next generation firewalls, FortiSandbox proactive threat detection, FortiAuthenticator access management and FortiToken one time password (OTP) software token, to take advantage of a holistic approach to cybersecurity, advanced threat protection and automated threat response.

“Given the nature of today’s global threat landscape, we needed an advance threat protection solution to react to threats at machine speed. We chose Fortinet for their scalability and leading technologies that are backed by strong R&D and threat research. We configured all the devices offline and with minimum downtime managed to switch over to the new solution. With these high-performance solutions, we will be able to add our upcoming manufacturing plants into the security fabric,” said L K Tripathi, Chief General Manager – IT, Rockman Industries Limited.

The advantages of deploying Fortinet’s solutions

With the deployment of Fortinet solutions, Rockman Industries has optimized the use of its IT resources, with a streamlined view provided by security analytics and sandboxing enhancing its overall security posture. Additionally, access management with two-factor authentication ensures that only authorized people have access to business-critical systems and sensitive data.

Fortinet said its solutions will further enable Rockman Industries to easily and securely grow its business and expand operations by adding new manufacturing plants to its network.

“By adopting Fortinet technologies Rockman Industries have automated tedious and time-consuming activities that normally require a high degree of human supervision and intervention,” said Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet.

Why the need to deploy Fortinet solutions?

Rockman Industries was incorporated in the year 1960 as a bicycle component manufacturer. Today the company has a capacity to process more than 65,000 tons of aluminum annually at its five plants located at Haridwar, Ludhiana, Chennai and Bawal.

The company had a legacy firewall at the perimeter of its datacenter which was not adequate to protect its data and users from emerging sophisticated threats.

Digital transformation of their business required that its five manufacturing plants be connected with the datacenter using a secure MPLS connection. With the manufacturing plants securely connected to the network, the IT team had to ensure 24×7 availability to support growing business needs and provide secure access to its 800+ users now connected to their network from the manufacturing plants.

Finally, they had to provide a more secure authentication capability to critical servers as they hosted the companies most sensitive data and IPRs. Hence, the company decided to deploy Fortinet solutions to protect its data from sophisticated threats.

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