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Road safety awareness campaign draws great response throughout the nation is an organisation aiming to spread awareness on road safety within school students of India. It has been founded by Aarambh and Manan. They are supported by ERPDiary, an online school management system, and, AaGaye, a next generation presence system. The campagin called SadakSuraksha(SS) Awareness @Schools has seen the participation of more than 65 schools throughout the country till now, major participation coming from the states of Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu among others.

Started since January 11, 2018, the campaign will continue till the 10th of February. Schools can participate in the campaign by signing up at their website with details of students willing to take part. Both application and participation are free of cost. Top performing students in the campaign, with consent of respective schools, will be selected as ‘SS Ambassadors’ to take part in inter-school activities to spread awareness on road safety.

The team aims to foster the sense of responsibility, safety and awareness within students to mould them into a generation of sensible citizens who can further spread the word. The SadaSuraksha campaign has five categories of activities:

Expression – Students are expected to express about road safety through paintings, craft etc.,that will be made visible to the public through

Info Alert – Students will have to take an online test on road safety related issues.

Suggestions – Suggestions are invited from students which they would like to make to improve road safety aspects.

SadakPappu and Sadak Suraksha

Activities – School can plan and organize any activity on road safety and share the details to be displayed through our portal.

Storyline – created and copyrighted two characters viz. SadakPappu and Sadak Suraksha, who would represent the malpractices on road, why they should be avoided and what are the safest practices to be followed.

Impacted by the tragic loss of their uncle by road accident, Aarambh and Manan have come forward to make the kids and citizens feel safer while travelling. This is a commendable attempt to stop the loss of millions of lives through road accidents.

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