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India to get portable petrol pumps soon

The portable petrol pumps can be set up within a 400 sq.m. area in two hours and will have automated self-service capabilities.

Delhi-based Alinz Portable Petrol Pump Private Ltd. is in talks to set up portable petrol pumps in India. As reported by an English Daily, they are all set to bring 50,000 such portable stations within the next five to seven years. This kind of an infrastructure can reduce the extent of land, time and effort required for setting up a filling station and extend the services to land-scarce or remote areas, as explained by Inderjeeth Pruthi, MD, Alinz, to the Daily.

The portable petrol pump setup
Alinz has partnered with Czech company, Petrocard, to deliver this portable setup. Unlike the traditional filling stations that have underground fuel tanks, the portable stations will carry overhead tanks. Moreover, these will be equipped with automated self-service machines that will dispense LPG, petrol, diesel or kerosene, as needed, reducing the necessity of manual intervention. Area required for a setup will be about 400 sq.m., which is much lesser compared to the conventional pump setups. Complete installation or dismantling of an unit is possible within just two hours.

Pruthi mentioned to the media that final discussions are in progress for setting up at least four production units for the stations with an investment of Rs. 4 billion for each unit. The project across states will be provided on tender basis by respective state governments to oil companies. Alinz will provide the machines to those who bag the tenders. The stations will have variable storage capacities, between 9000 liters and 35,000 liters. These pumps will provide great advantages to semi-urban or rural residents, remote locations as well as public services like railways.

The whole solution also provides a great business opportunity for pump owners, as banks are ready to finance 80% of the complete investment required. Operational in over 35 countries globally, these portable gas stations can be a great boon for India.

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