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Naya Raipur Gets Smarter with Integrated Command and Control Centre

Over five lakh citizens of Naya Raipur will now enjoy the privileges of a smart city covered with GIS mapping, 128 CCTV cameras, 40 speed detection cameras and 42 number plate recognition cameras.

All thanks to Schneider Electric for implementing integrated Command and Control Centre (CCC) along with utility management system (Electrical and Water SCADA) and intelligent Building Management System (BMS) at the integrated greenfield smart city project in Naya Raipur. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi last week.

Rajat Kumar, IAS, CEO at Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA), said: “With the inauguration of the project, a wide range of technology enabled services will be available to the citizens including-smart lighting, smart transportation, smart traffic management, etc. This transformation is supported by connected products of more than 100,000 IO points, edge control, applications, advance analytics and services. This state of art architecture in NRDA is open, scalable and interoperable.”

“The centralised Command and Control Center (CCC) executed by Schneider Electric leverages IoT, mobility, sensing, analytics, and cybersecurity technologies to ensure safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity to citizens. It will be the central hub for managing city operations and emergency response,” added Prakash Chandraker, VP Energy Business, Schneider Electric India.

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