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AI solution under trial to address Bengaluru’s traffic woes

The intelligent traffic management platform can perform real-time traffic density calculation, signal operation, auto-ticket generation, accident detection and more.

The Electronic City Township Authority (ELCITA), Bengaluru, has flagged off the testing of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart traffic management system at the city’s Electronic City campus. The platform is being developed by Siemens Corporate Technology. Advanced technologies like real-time video analytics, deep learning, and more power the platform.

How AI can improve traffic
AI platforms for traffic management like the one being created by Siemens, feeds on live video streams captured by cameras installed across the area (in this case, the Electronic City campus). AI-based deep learning algorithms analyse the insights drawn from the feed and deliver functionalities like real-time traffic density calculation, traffic light operation, vehicle detection (in case of over-speeding or any other rule violation) and so on. The analytics of the feeds are done faster, further improving response time – an improvement over existing platforms. All the data are stored in cloud, which can later be recalled for a complete analytical overview of traffic conditions.

These deep learning-based platforms can perform more operations, like detecting accidents and notifying nearby police stations and medical facilities, auto-generate traffic tickets by extracting vehicle numbers from video feeds, and aid autonomous vehicles in the future to move harmlessly, even in congested roads.

The solution has shown good prospects as ELCITA CEO Rama NS has expressed his optimism that it will provide them with traffic information they lack at the moment and enable them to substantially improve commuter traffic.

The team is already working on next level applications of the solution, as Vinay Sudhakaran, senior key expert – infield learning, Siemens Corporate Technology, told the media that they have signed a collaboration agreement with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, to scale this platform up to be able to control multiple traffic intersections concurrently, and eventually, set up a green corridor when required.

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