Electronics Engineers’ Quiz

Electronics For You Quiz Contest

Answer these 7 questions and get a chance to win Free EFY Subscriptions or Amazon Gift Cards.


Q. 1: If 60 J of energy are available for every 15 C of charge, what is the voltage?

Q. 2: What is the reactive power in the given circuit?

Q. 3: What is the name of the board shown in the picture below?

Q. 4: How many pins are there in an Arduino Nano development board?

Q. 5: A zero-level detector is a

Q.  6: This circuit is an example of a(n)________.

Q. 7: The electrical energy consumed by a coil is stored in the form of:

Contest Rules:

  1. Winners will get 3 months Ezine Subscription or INR 200 Amazon Gift Card Vouchers.
  2. Only one entry is applicable per user.
  3. Additionally, the organization/company/institution from which the highest number of participants competed, will win a ₹10,000 sponsorship package from EFY.