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Why Everyone Is Switching To Open Source?

In a recent interview with the IBM team, Linux Foundation CRO Mike Woster went a step further to describe community-supported open source software as an external R&D for organisations. “It is vastly vastly more advantageous for organisations to consume, participate in and leverage the external R&D that is open source software,” said Woster, who helped build the non-profit organisation become a $65 million entity.

Enterprise-level security

Despite being low-cost, open source is a secure solution for your operations. “Open source enables us to be more lean, agile and secure and, hence, move faster in the competitive world,” said Kumar of Airtel.

The team at MakeMyTrip has even embraced open source to secure its user experience.

“We leverage various open oource deployments to manage security. These have greatly helped to enhance our security posture in the market,” revealed Mehta of MakeMyTrip.

Digital transformation

Diverse companies, starting from Wal-Mart and Salesforce to General Electric and Philips, have begun adopting open source to digitise their services for end consumers. Analysts thus consider open source as a driver for digital transformation.

“The use of open source software and solutions is required in the model for digital transformation. CIOs and other leaders readily embracing open source will find that they are better positioned to transform their businesses,” said Sanjay Gupta, adjunct research advisor, IDC.

“The ability to harness the collective power of individuals, partners and global development communities provides a transformative lever that is difficult to match. Open source-based platforms provide this ability in today’s digital world,” the analyst remarks.

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