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These Third-party Apps to Boost Your Android Security, Privacy

Security has become one of the major concerns in today’s tech word and Android too is not an exception. Kudos to smart technology for coming out with apps that will actively protect your accounts and data on Android.

Let us throw some light on how third-party apps can help you resolve your Android security issues and enable you keep your phone, connection, text, call and mail privacy intact.

Manage your passwords with LastPass

This password manager will help you with strong, rare passwords for any number of apps, sites and services you use on Android. But why LastPass and not something else? Because of its design that brings in its simple and effective use in securely storing your credentials and enabling you to sign in anywhere a password is required.

You will get box with autofill information popping up every time you try to sign in to a service via an app or on a website in the Android browser, once LastPass creates your sign-ins. All you have to touch your finger to your phone’s fingerprint sensor and confirm the credentials you want to use.

LastPass uses its own secure cloud storage and device level encryption and works well both for desktop as well as across multiple devices and platforms. Although the core features are free, $24 premium subscriptions in a year will provide you expanded storage for notes and documents and allow you use Yubikey and Sesame as two factor authentication methods. Other subscription plans are $48 a year for family plans, $29 per user per year for team plans and $48 per user per year for enterprise plans.

Authy app protects your accounts via two-factor authentication

Not just strong passwords, using a two-factor authentication (2 FA) for protecting your accounts is a smarter step for safeguarding privacy and the app, Authy can come to the rescue of your account’s security. If you have to know how Authy works, you should first know what two-factor authentication is. It basically provides you a second layer of identifying information where a code will be generated by the app on your phone, besides your primary password.

Authy is known for its instinctive design making it easier to find and copy codes for an endless number of 2FA-enabled accounts. Support for app level fingerprint protection and its ability to function on multiple devices are some of Authy’s features which are all free.

NordVPN to secure your connections

NordVPN, a third party VPN can be used to secure your connections as it is used in 3,000 servers in over 60 countries to provide quality encryption for mobile traffic. However, it is not free. It will charge you $6 a month if you pay for a year in advance. You need to pay only $3 a month in case you want to pay an amount worth $79 up front for two years of service.

ProtonMail app encrypts your emails

Using an open-source method of end-to-end encryption, ProtonMail app can ensure that your emails will not be intercepted without any of your data being accessed or stored on a remote server. You do not have to do anything apart from creating a simple account with ProtonMail app and start emailing. If your recipient has a ProtonMail address, the encryption will be automatic. In case your recipient does not have a ProtonMail address, you need to tap an icon in the app’s compose tool and create a password and a hint. The recipient will recieve only that information and will have to use the password you have already created to read your message.

This app is free at basic level that covers one address, 500MB of storage and 150 messages a day. You need to subscribe (starting rate is $59 a year) to enjoy additional features like email filters, auto-responder system and support for customer domains.

Signal private messenger safeguards your texts and calls

Like ProtonMail, Signal uses open-source method to enable you use end-to-end encryption and communicate securely with contacts. None of your data ever gets accessed or stored on a remote server in the process. This app will also help you conduct encrypted voice and video calls with other users of Signal.

Just like in any other texting apps, in Signal app too you can find people from your regular contact data base or begin a conversation by entering the phone number on the app. If the person on the other side of the phone is a signal user, your conversation will automatically be secured and you will also find an option to launch a secure voice or video chat. If the recipient is a non-user of Signal, you will receive an ‘Unsecured SMS’ warning in the message field, although you will be able to text normally. It is a free app and does not require opening of any account. All you do is just open the app, type in the phone number, verify it and continue texting or calling.

With updates on third party apps helping you boost your Android security, now you can maintain your privacy well.

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