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In-building Wireless Solution Offers Seamless Access to 50-Storey Tall Structure

Now thousands of tourists will be able to access the huge 50-storey tall Dubai Frame using their mobile phone through smart ticketing systems via a seamless network service. This has been made possible by the latest full turnkey in-building wireless network solution deployed in the colossal structure recently.

The in-building wireless solution enables multi-operator, multi-band and multi-technology wireless network services across the building that is as much as 150 metres high and 93 metres wide, covering a vast area of 4,500 square metres, thanks to Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited.

Deploying the solution

In order to deploy the in-building wireless solution in the massive museum based tower, panel antennas, OMNI antennas, cable trays and splitters have been installed across the Dubai Frame. These antennas have a wide range of frequency bands embracing 2G/3G/4G for G900, U2100, U900, L2100 and L1800 from the ground floor, along the two towers to the observation deck.

Hazim Al-rawi, general manager at Middle East of Comba Telecom, said: “In addition to the hardware, we have also provided professional services for network design, project management, drive test and benchmarking along with maintenance for the entire project. We have offered an array of products and solutions that were customised according to the requirements like DAS, small cell, mBDA, RX series high power repeater and more.”

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