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Autonomous Cars to Test Grocery Delivery

Driverless robotic cars to deliver grocery to customers sitting at homes with an aim to lower down the delivery costs

Kroger aligned with Nuro, is about to begin its driverless delivery service to prevent customers to move to crowded grocery stores to buy things.

Unmanned robotic car

This test program will elevate Kroger to be the U.S grocer to make deliveries with robotic cars where no human would be found to control the car. The van seems like a silver rounded lunch box having no seat for human and is comparatively larger and quicker than the walking robots made to deliver items.

Easy to order

Just like ordering other items, you can order the grocery through the mobile app. After the order is being placed, an unmanned car will arrive containing your list of items to deliver at your location. The door of the car will be opened by the numeric code and the only thing you have to do is to be present at the location to fetch your items.

To lower the cost

The company is experimenting with the ways to lower down the costing from picking to packing and also delivering the items to customers by completely automating it. Well, the time isn’t that far away when humans will interact with automated robots and cars to fulfil their work in an easier and quicker way.

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