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A Single Button To Make Your Home Smart

People around the globe are readily accepting the concept of a smart home, recognising the convenience and comfort it brings to our daily lives. However, we require multiple smart devices to make our home smart from every angle, namely, security, temperature control, water monitoring, pet monitoring and so on. Keeping this in mind, US-based innovators at TraiTel Technologies have built a smart single-button device, the size of a ring box, called SiB. Its dimensions are as small as 30.5mm× 30.5mm×19mm.

SiB is a wireless Internet-connected button, run by a self-powered battery, which can function like a range of domestic sensors, including motion detection, water detection, temperature detection, emergency messaging and more. When powered on, SiB runs a pre-allocated program to perform its intended function and notifies you when done.

Programming and configuration of SiB can be done using the proprietary, free mobile application—called SiMP—which first connects the smart button to the Wi-Fi network of the home and then creates a messaging interface, through which users can assign functions and receive notifications based on each operation. With basic programming knowledge, they can also code custom functions to the button.

By default, SiMP app brings a list of functions that can be assigned to SiB. For example, it can act as an emergency button for office receptions, seniors or people at risk, where an SOS message can be sent to the emergency contact(s) when the button is pressed.
It can also act as a doorbell sensor to notify residents (even when away) when someone is at the door.

SiB can function as a motion sensor to alert users if there is any motion in their premises.
It can also be used as pet sensor, baggage tracker, water leakage sensor, fire alarm or temperature measurement device.

SiB can be used with modular extensions to turn appliances into smart, remotely controllable units, such as thermostat, plant health monitor, irrigation controller, lighting control and the like. The use cases are many, and custom programming can expand the applications further. The battery is not rechargeable but allows up to 4500 clicks.

Delving into the technical side, the device has an internal 32.768kHz real-time clock crystal with a deviation of about 35m/hour and accuracy of 10ppm to ensure precise data reading. In custom applications that require external power, during a power cut, SiB button returns to its battery power while sending a notification about the event using a TI power source chip.

Additionally, SiB can automatically connect to a secondary Wi-Fi access point (once configured) if the primary network is down. In other words, SiB keeps running even during power or network interruptions. The device is available for pre-order on KickStarter, and is available at a starting price of US $5.

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