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AI-Powered Camera That Can Be Your Video Director

For filmmakers and video creators, the biggest satisfaction lies in capturing innovative videos from difficult angles smoothly. The manual shooting comes with many limitations that can make taking certain shots hard. As a solution to this, Hong Kong-based Remo Technologies have come up with an AI-powered auto-director camera, called Obsbot Tail.

The device comes as a camera lens held by a three-axis gimbal, resting on top of the base body. It has a rotation capacity of 360 degrees. Five TFLOPS of computing power enables it to deliver modern videography features like 3DNR and 3DLUT—it also promises HDR10 capability in the future. All videos can be captured in up to 4K resolution at 60fps, ensuring each motion detail to be captured precisely.

Intelligence of the camera is powered by HiSilicon Hi3559A chip, which helps it develop features like image-based object-locking and following, auto-zoom, image conditioning and so on. All features are powered by deep learning algorithms. Automated object-locking makes Obsbot record every move of a specific target, no matter how fast it is moving. The target can be locked using single-touch Tap Lock feature. In fast-paced or complex environments, if the camera misses the target, it can relock the subject with Shar-Lock feature. Pinpointing feature enables the lens to adjust according to distance, position and motion of the subject.

Another interesting feature of Obsbot Tail is its gesture-based control. Powered by sensors and algorithms, it can identify specific gestures of the user or object in front, and perform operations corresponding to the gestures. Operations like start and stop, record, pause, select target, cancel target, zoom and many more can be carried out using Obsbot Tail. Gestures can be customised, too. The feature is supported when the subject or object is standing within 20m from the lens. So, you can just tell your camera what to do without moving from your recording spot!

More interestingly, the device comes with Launch Pad feature, which enables it to trigger 20 different combinations of pan, tilt, zoom and rotate operations—one that can be highly advantageous for making music videos or creative clips. The feature can be activated through gestures or using Obsbot mobile app, which can be used for configuring and remotely controlling the camera, too. All videos and images can be accessed using the app. Files can also be stored on a microSD card.

Obsbot also provides an easy video editing tool called Obsbot Studio. Obsbot Tail can capture images while video-recording, purely based on facial and emotion analysis of the subject in the image. The camera is powered by a 1850mAh battery pack that can keep it running for three hours on full charge. With custom accessories, it can be made mobile, too, and be used for professional photography and videography. The product can be backed on KickStarter, and will start to ship soon.


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