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Now AR to Make Google Maps Smarter, User Friendly

Google has recently revealed about enhancing Google Maps experience by adding some new features, thanks to its use of Augmented Reality (AR) for the same.

Not many would like to stare at a drab map while hunting down a place on the Google Maps. What if you start getting a real time experience of your journey on the Maps’ app that gives you turn-by-turn directions, helps you spot nearby places on your way, provides recommendations for your favourite hangout outlets and helps you share places with friends? Imagine getting all these AR based facilities without having to leave the comfort of the Google Maps app.  Let’s go through these new features and get ready for smarter journeys with smarter Google Maps.

Get turn-by-turn AR based directions

Google Maps will soon provide AR based directions, offering a real life experience of their journey to the users. By bringing together Google’s street view and the Maps’ data, this feature will cover the data on your phone’s live feed. Interestingly, the AR feature will provide AR animals to guide you to your destination.

Spot nearby places on the way

You can soon spot nearby places or landmarks on your way with the help of this AR feature, that too without having to leave the comfort of navigation.

Get recommendations for preferred places

For You, as the feature is called, will provide you recommendations for your favourite hangout places and restaurants on the way. These recommendations would be specifically tailored for you based on your personal likes and dislikes and earlier reviews. Like, if you are a tea lover, ‘For You’ will recommend the closest tea joint depending on your immediate location.

Share multiple places with pals

Google Maps will now be more social and will enable you to share places on the map with multiple friends. Your pals can even pick up a place to visit on the map and plan for the day’s outing.

While the launch date of the other AR features have not yet been announced, the ‘For You’ and sharing places with friends features will be launched on iOS and Android this summer, as per recent media reports. However, there has been no recent updates regarding when these AR based features would reach Indian users.

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