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Google Duplex Bot for Voice Calling on your Behalf

The AI’s first demonstration by Google prompted a massive backlash against the technology then What is Google planning to do to solve this concern?

Google introduced its duplex bot sometime back and it soon faced criticism as some people worried that it would secretly record calls with people. Now, Google says it has been working to address these concerns and plans to release a new version of the system to some testers soon.

Automated assistance front

Google says that the bot will identify itself as an automated assistant upfront and will disclose that it’s recording calls. Human operators will be standing by as backup should a call go off the rails.

As for duplexes tendency to use speech fillers like ‘ums’ and ‘ahs,’ Google notes that this technique improved the assistant’s ability to book appointments by interacting more naturally with humans on the other end of the line.

Businesses and duplex

Businesses can opt out of accepting calls from Duplex online, although that means Duplex won’t update information on Google Maps after verifying information such as business hours.

People who ask Duplex to place calls can limit what it shares with businesses – for instance, by keeping their email address private.

Google’s main focus is on small businesses that don’t accept online reservations through apps such as Open Table, which the Google Assistant will use to book instead of Duplex if it’s available.

Duplex can successfully book hair appointments, make restaurant reservations or check holiday business hours the only tasks it is programmed to complete four out of five times without intervention by humans.


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