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A Sticker To Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Cellphones are the most popular electronic gadgets today. Reports estimate the total number of cellphone users to touch 4.7 billion globally in 2019, including an estimated 2.5 billion smartphone users. While cellphones have indeed made our lives easier in many ways, what has been a concerning point of discussion is the effect of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by them. Phones took the wireless route and today, with smartphones, more wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data have become pervasive in our lives. This has led to higher exposure to radiation. Besides cellphones, other devices like computers, tablets and laptops also lead to radiation.

It has been found that radiation can lead to degraded health conditions like compromised male fertility, dizziness, visual problems, irritability, lack of concentration and so on. Studies have even linked high exposure of radiation to more severe problems like blood flow restriction to the brain and even cancer. Unfortunately, majority of electronics users are unaware of this as there are no immediate or distinct symptoms of the problems. To take care of this situation, Gurgaon-based Syenergy Environics has come up with a small but effective solution, called Envirochip.

As the name suggests, Envirochip is small chip that can alter the harmful effects of emissions by electronic devices. For instance, cellphones emit systemic electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, that is, 450MHz to 3800MHz. Systemic radiations are the main source of impact on the human body, as humans are immune to random radiation but can be affected by systemic emissions.

Envirochip, when attached to an electronic device like a cellphone, interrupts and converts systemic radiation into random radiation, making it non-bioreactive and, thus, harmless for the human body. The interesting thing is that there is no complex electronic circuitry involved in Envirochip. The whole operation is done based on the specialised material used for making the chip and a proprietary software algorithm that senses and alters the radiation from the device.

Envirochip can be simply stuck to the back of a cellphone or surface of a computer, like a sticker. While reaction of the chip is not visible to the naked eye, it can be tested in labs. The chip has been tested and certified by labs in the UK. The innovators claim that over 500 people, on using Envirochip, were found with at least five per cent reduced stress levels and better health conditions.

Syenergy Environics has integrated this technology to create another solution called Envirosphere, which can reduce radiation effects in a complete room. Envirochip can be found online at a starting price of ₹ 1199 for three chips.

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