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AI-Based Solution For Personalised Styling

To help retail stores deliver personalised styling suggestions to customers, Sandeep Chatterjee, founder and chief executive officer at FR Tech Innovations, came up with the idea of iLUK. It is a computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution. Chief technical officer Ravi Kiran Katha is responsible for technology implementation.

iLUK pod

iLUK pod

This is how the technology works. iLUK pod is placed in a retail outlet. The customer enters the pod, and gets photographed and scanned from different angles, using a set of RGB cameras. Once the cameras capture the images of the customer, these are passed through custom algorithms to construct a 3D model, or avatar, of the customer. It encrypts the 3D model using the customer’s credentials and stores the same on the cloud. The customer can access the avatar from any device (tablet, phone or PC) using a profile ID and password, and shop for any part of the wardrobe and get personalised styling suggestions.

iLUK provides users with personal styling along with the convenience of shopping anytime from anywhere. Avatars are accessible for a year, unless there are significant changes in measurements. Since they can try apparels on avatars before buying, users do not have to go through the trouble of exchanging the clothes.

Computer vision is used to capture and create 3D avatars, and digitise the garments in 3D. And AI is used to analyse body type and suggest appropriate clothing options, based on body type and fashion sensibilities.

Since the pods are available on lease, there is no capex—only monthly rental has to be paid. Other than the rental charge, there are some usage-related charges.

iLUK pods offer functional benefits to businesses, making it easy for them to engage with their customers.


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