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AI-Based Platform with Live Video Call Feature

Jio introduces services such as artificial intelligence, video call centres, video catalogue, and virtual showrooms to the forefront redefining customer experience.

Jio launches an artificial intelligence based brand engagement platform with new live video call feature. Reliance Jio Infocomm announced the launch of JioInteract, a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based brand engagement platform.

Live video calling feature

Jio has launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based feature called Jio Interact to boost brand engagement platform. Part of the MyJio app, the Jio Interact feature is going to use of AI across the world and will reposition the way brands and customers think of engagement, the company operator claims.

The first service based on this feature is Live Video Call, which will allow users to make video calls with Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan anytime during the day. The first of many services to be launched on this platform is the Live Video Call that features India’s favourite celebrities. To kick-start, Jio has on-boarded none other than Bollywood’s star, Amitabh Bachchan.

Innovative artificial intelligence

The unique and innovative service uses a powerful artificial intelligence-based platform to listen to user questions and respond to them in the most appropriate way. In addition, the platform has a different auto-learning feature that helps improve the answering accuracy according to the company.

Positioned as VCBaaS (Video Call Bot as a Service), Jio Interact with its full-scale multimedia capabilities attempts to democratise Artificial Intelligence & Video Call technologies in a simplified way for effective brand engagement. This technology has wide scale applications across Business to Consumer (B2C) space. Using it, Jio is also tapping developer ecosystem to create innovative applications like virtual showrooms, product demonstrations, ordering cart for e-commerce, etc.

Platform for promotion

Jio’s over 186 million subscriber base and another 150 million smartphone users, a statement said Jio Interact is poised to become the largest platform for movie-promotion and brand engagement. Over the next few weeks, Jio will introduce services such as video call centres, video catalogue, and virtual showrooms to the forefront redefining customer experience.


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