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Now Cast Your Phone Screen On to Smart TV

Smart TV has now become the hub of entertainment for many people. A smart TV not only allows the user to cut the cord and enjoy on-demand internet but now also has Aptoide store to enhance your gaming experience.

Aisen has launched its new smart TV, ‘A40HDS950’ that offers Truelife picture quality and has slim bezel design. The TV is equipped with the advanced E-share app, to share the data, and cast the phone screen onto the TV.

Energy Efficient Smart TV

The display is full LED HD that provides a great picture clarity and is armed with a power saving mode that automatically fine-tunes the backlight and brightness of the TV.  It is also integrated with the Dolby 20W speakers that allow it to produce crystal-clear sound, enhancing movie viewing and listening experiences.

In addition to that, this smart TV comes with several connectivity options such as 2 USB port, an AV input and 2 distinct HDMI ports to not just pair external devices but also wirelessly share data.

Another feature of TV is that it has Aptoide store with inbuilt games, browsing, android applications and e-sharing. The company is also offering comprehensive three-year Warranty.

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