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The next wave of small businesses will rely heavily on web designers and developers

Digital presence has become a form of necessity for small and medium scale businesses to grow. The requirement of skilled web designers and developers is high. Nikhil Arora, managing...
Uber Movement in Bengaluru; map showing average travel time from origin zone to other zones for the selected date-time range.

A Public Private-Partnership Is Imperative To… Transform The Mobility Landscape Of The Country

India’s metro cities suffer from congested traffic, stagnant bottlenecks and massive on-road delays, daily. Analytical insights on traffic patterns can help city runners plan routes and traffic management strategies...

Replacing Humans With Robots Is Not A Formula For Calculating ROI

Automation is the next big industrial trend that will drive factories and production units. Baishakhi Dutta speaks with Soni Saran Singh, executive director of NMTronics India Pvt Ltd, about...

Automation solutions… Cut Down Loss Of Time, Consequently Improving Productivity And Efficiency Of Operations

Leading logistics businesses in India are banking on automation to ramp up their productivity while reducing operational costs. Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You speaks with Vivekanand, country manager...

VR And AR Software Will Extend Beyond The Realm Of Gaming To Different Activities

The TV industry is largely impacted by the latest and upcoming display technologies. Nidhi Arora, executive editor at EFY, discusses the road ahead for TV displays and visual technology...

The Real Sell Is In The Software And Its Transactional Model

We see a lot of software startups and small design teams working on Internet of Things projects that aim to let people control household appliances from a smartphone. Is...

Staged Manufacturing & SMT Lines Are Counting On Strong Supply Chain In India

While mid- and high-range smartphones are incorporating intelligent technologies, low-scale phones are also becoming competent. But can we really call these phones intelligent? Neeraj Sharma, country head - India,...

The IoT cannot be built by a single person, it always involves partnerships

Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are undergoing prolific expansion across industries. Ranging across verticals such as manufacturing, utilities, logistics and agriculture, the IoT is shifting the paradigm...

Li-Fi Enables Business Analytics…Where High-Speed Connectivity And Lighting Play An Important Role

If you could get 100 times faster networks than traditional Wi-Fi, would you not invest in such futuristic connectivity? Anuj Dhir, vice president and business head - commercial lighting...
Industrial IoT

Business Opportunities In IoT are at the Intersection of Industries

  Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are evolving day-by-day and opening up new gateways for progress and innovation. In a conversation with Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You, Shekhar Sanyal,...

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