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Thought Leaders is a segment that puts forward the opinions, knowledge and advice shared by the stalwarts and experts of the technology world.

What is LiFi

‘High Speed, Secure and Safe Data Transmission with the Use of LiFi Technology’

Wireless connectivity through cellular and Wi-Fi networks are an indispensable requisite for today's IT environments. What if you can get speed 100 times faster than traditional WiFi connections? Would you...

The next wave of small businesses will rely heavily on web designers and developers

Digital presence has become a form of necessity for small and medium scale businesses to grow. The requirement of skilled web designers and developers is high. Nikhil Arora, managing...

About 99 percent of data on public platforms are not encrypted

Data security is a vast subject and our Indian economy has still not understood it completely. It is a good thing that we are beginning to digitise everything, but...

Silicon has replaced many elements being used traditionally

The advent of nanotechnology and the likes is enabling lighter, smaller and cheaper electronics. This has led to the creation of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) oscillators. Nidhi Arora, executive editor,...

IoT-Enabled Lighting Can Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption

As the world is moving towards a sustainable future, workplaces are being designed to be energy efficient, to provide employees with a more productive environment. Sumit Joshi, vice chairman...

The IoT cannot be built by a single person, it always involves partnerships

Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are undergoing prolific expansion across industries. Ranging across verticals such as manufacturing, utilities, logistics and agriculture, the IoT is shifting the paradigm...

Technology Is Creating New Issues That Would Require Humans To Address Them

With new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning conquering the world, professionals need to acquire requisite skills and knowledge to advance further in their career. Nidhi Arora, executive...

VR And AR Software Will Extend Beyond The Realm Of Gaming To Different Activities

The TV industry is largely impacted by the latest and upcoming display technologies. Nidhi Arora, executive editor at EFY, discusses the road ahead for TV displays and visual technology...

Investment made in the automated machinery can be easily recovered

Automated machinery and industrial assembly lines can deliver major production benefits when implemented wisely. Scott Flower, product strategy manager, Harwin PLC, talks to Nidhi Arora and Paromik Chakraborty, Electronics...

We are moving towards smartphone cameras that capture the same quality photographs as DSLRs

In this selfie era, a smartphone’s success depends on the quality of its camera. As a result, manufacturers are putting a lot of focus on digital imaging trends in order...

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