Artificial Intelligence On Hire!

Almost everyone agrees that artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing for businesses. But, is there any AI platform ready for you to deploy? While IBM’s Watson is...
deep learning

Deep Learning Best for Demand, Fraud and Failure Predictions By 2019 : Gartner

80 Percent of Data Scientists Will Have Deep Learning in Their Toolkits By 2018 Deep learning, a variation of machine learning (ML), represents the major driver toward artificial intelligence (AI)....

Now A Four-Limbed Robot to Replace Agony of Manual Scavengers

Bandicoot, a four limbed robot has now come to the rescue of manual scavengers, thanks to nine young techies from Genrobotics, a Kerala based startup firm that has created...
Big Data

How Big Data Analytics Yield Big Gains

Red Roof Inn, a budget hotel chain in the U.S., could have never imagined that it would be able to clock in a 10 per cent increase in its...

Solar Cold Storage: Green Energy Can Reduce Crop Wastage

To overcome the challenges of crop spoilage and high operating costs, solar cold storage are the most effective solution today. Crop spoilage in farms is a major obstacle that India...

Synechron Develops AI Data Science Accelerators for BFSI Firms

The accelerators help BFSI firms in discovering meaningful relationships between events that impact one another  and cause a future event to happen  Synechron, Inc., the global financial services consulting and...

Green Mobility Focus: Powering Automotives Globally

Have you ever looked at the world from above? One thing that defines its beauty and grandeur is the movement down under. This movement, in technical terms, is called...

Security in the IoT

A recent false report in newspapers about breach of data at Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) caused a huge turmoil both at national and international levels....
solar roadways

Solar Roadways: Feasible For India?

“People don’t want to do that (build houses or offices) near a nuclear power plant. So, there’s quite a big keep-out zone, and when you factor the keep-out zone...

Smart Used Cans to Serve as Open Source Data Base

What if an empty beverage can is turned into mini satellite transmitting captured data like temperature and pollution levels, quality of air and water, ultra-violet penetration and traffic congestion...