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Tech Trends introduces the readers to the transformation trend of various technologies that can help improve business.

e-Payments: Blockchain Essentially Creates A Trusted Environment To Operate On Multi-Company Supply Chain Ecosystems

The Internet of Things, cognitive manufacturing and connected systems have one thing in common—all work on data that has been collected. Cognitive tools start to analyse all things that...

LoRaWAN Will Help Us Stay Informed About Jamshedpur’s Infrastructure In Real Time

  Since its inception from TATA Steel, the Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO) carries out all functions of urban development and infrastructure maintenance in the Steel City of India....

Digitisation – An Imperative For New-Age India

Every once in a while, a new technology or innovative practice takes the world by storm, but soon the technology or practice becomes more of a fad than a...

Solar-Powered Generators: Reduce Pollution And Downtime

Solar-powered generators are noiseless, environment-safe and can bring down the usage of exhaustible fuels drastically. Offices, factories, residential complexes and critical units (like hospitals and data centres), among others, in...

Modern Platforms To Improve And Secure Digital Businesses

Security threats, data leakage risks, increasing workloads and many such challenges are evolving, demanding real-time actions from enterprises to prevent massive business losses in terms of money and customers. A...

Investment made in the automated machinery can be easily recovered

Automated machinery and industrial assembly lines can deliver major production benefits when implemented wisely. Scott Flower, product strategy manager, Harwin PLC, talks to Nidhi Arora and Paromik Chakraborty, Electronics...

How Architecture Is Becoming Intelligent

In her book The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand portrays the protagonist, Howard Roark, as an individualistic young architect who chooses to struggle in unimportance rather than compromise his artistic and...
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Facing Losses Due to Malfunctions- Predict & Prevent with IIOT

Manufacturing Industry is using Industrial Internet of Things to predict, prevent and decrease the number of process and system related malfunctions. With the boom in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),...

High-Flying Solutions To Connect The World

Lightning-speed connectivity is something many of us take for granted, as also the ability to connect anywhere, anytime using our mobile networks. However, we are only a gifted fraction...

Digital Money For Digital India

On November 8, 2016, at 20:15, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed the nation through an unscheduled television speech. He declared that from November 9, 2016, the government...