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Industry 4.0: Making engineering exciting and manufacturing smarter

 With ‘smart’ being the latest buzzword in India, it only becomes natural for sectors within to try and take up smart concepts to increase output. One sector that, as...
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Delhi Police using Facial Recognition Software to Identify Lost Children

In a new experimental trial of facial recognition Software (FRS) by New Delhi police, thousands of children who vanished in the streets, alleyways and slums of India has been...

EV Batteries: A Look At India’s Manufacturing Ecosystem

India eyes to have an all-electric fleet by 2047, instead of the government’s earlier target of achieving this by 2030. The initiative has given a major push to the...

Robots: Giving An Edge To Smart Workplaces

The biggest benefit robots bring to organisations is cost optimisation. The robotic army is taking over our workplaces. The presence of robots is no more limited to factories and warehouses...

Energy Sector Sees Innovation Across the Value Chain

June 01, 2013: At the government, industrial and consumer levels, there is rising awareness about depleting resources, lack of reliability and sustainability in the energy sector. “There is a growing...

Driverless Cars: Automotive Sector’s Next Big Business Bet

Automotive technology is changing faster than ever. Automakers like Tesla, BMW, Audi and General Motors are leading the race to manufacture connected vehicles of the future. While driverless cars...

Li-Fi: Tomorrow’s Connectivity With The Power Of Light

As more and more devices get connected to the Internet, soon there will a need for bigger bandwidth to accommodate the massive volume of data transactions. Light Fidelity (Li-Fi)...

Architectures for a Green and Sustainable India

According to World Green Building Council, a green building is a building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive impacts,...
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Want to do Blockchain: Can Tech Giants Help?

If you wanted to try out a blockchain solution—can any of the tech giants help you? How? Blockchain is claimed to revolutionise almost every field whether it is finance, data...

LoRaWAN: Giant Leap in IoT from a small step in data transmission

There was once a time, when we were happy with being able to share images and video clips via Bluetooth at 64 Kbps speeds, and filled with wonder in...

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