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Tech Trends introduces the readers to the transformation trend of various technologies that can help improve business.

Towards A Driverless Future

How comfortable would you feel travelling in a driverless car? Would you like to try it or not? Does the driverless future reality excite you or scare you? Until a...

Modern Platforms To Improve And Secure Digital Businesses

Security threats, data leakage risks, increasing workloads and many such challenges are evolving, demanding real-time actions from enterprises to prevent massive business losses in terms of money and customers. A...

How Far India Has Come In Building Sustainable Cities

The very concept of smart cities is an amalgamation of city-level initiatives that drive ecological solutions to deliver a sustainable, comfortable and healthy living environment. Since the inception of...

Robots: Giving An Edge To Smart Workplaces

The biggest benefit robots bring to organisations is cost optimisation. The robotic army is taking over our workplaces. The presence of robots is no more limited to factories and warehouses...

Solar-Powered Generators: Reduce Pollution And Downtime

Solar-powered generators are noiseless, environment-safe and can bring down the usage of exhaustible fuels drastically. Offices, factories, residential complexes and critical units (like hospitals and data centres), among others, in...

Architectures for a Green and Sustainable India

According to World Green Building Council, a green building is a building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive impacts,...

Synechron Develops AI Data Science Accelerators for BFSI Firms

The accelerators help BFSI firms in discovering meaningful relationships between events that impact one another  and cause a future event to happen  Synechron, Inc., the global financial services consulting and...

Solar Cold Storage: Green Energy Can Reduce Crop Wastage

To overcome the challenges of crop spoilage and high operating costs, solar cold storage are the most effective solution today. Crop spoilage in farms is a major obstacle that India...

Li-Fi: Tomorrow’s Connectivity With The Power Of Light

As more and more devices get connected to the Internet, soon there will a need for bigger bandwidth to accommodate the massive volume of data transactions. Light Fidelity (Li-Fi)...

Defeating Pollution With The IoT: Solutions In India

Indian cities have been struggling to bring pollution levels in check. Recent World Health Organisation reports have revealed that India has the most polluted air in the world—cities like...