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Biz Opportunity informs the readers on new technology and market trends that can open up new business opportunities.

What is LiFi

‘High Speed, Secure and Safe Data Transmission with the Use of LiFi Technology’

Wireless connectivity through cellular and Wi-Fi networks are an indispensable requisite for today's IT environments. What if you can get speed 100 times faster than traditional WiFi connections? Would you...

Optimse Your Business Setup With PoE Technology

PoE is more profitable in large-scale deployment scenarios like large hotels, hospitals or offices, where powering each individual device with separate current source and Ethernet cable is cumbersome and...

By the Upcoming Diwali Season, We May See AI Become an Integral Part of...

With artificial intelligence (AI)-integrated chipsets, smartphones are now intelligent and provide unbelievably improved performance, camera quality, battery life and so much more, at reasonable prices. Kuldeep Malik, director -...

Aadhaar-Enabled Biometric Attendance system

The market for Aadhaar-enabled devices is about INR 2.5 billion. The opportunity to cater to new as well as replacement systems is tremendous. While we as a nation contemplate...

By October You Can Avail In-flight Telecom Services in India Too

Rates for in-flight data services are expected to be higher than provided on the ground The wait for Indian fliers to access the telecom services is soon to get over....
IoT vending machines

Benefits of IoT Vending Machines for Retail

Machine-to-machine (M2M) learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies present a lot of opportunities to increase business efficiency. One such opportunity exists in the retail vending machines segment. A...
Education Technology

The Whole (Education Technology) Market Is Virtually Untapped In India

Success of any technology depends on its importance for the society at large. As India has the world’s largest youth population, educational institutions play an important role in the...

Pocket Size Device Solves Telephony Issues for Diabetes Singapore

Why did Diabetes Singapore deploy an open-source powered Crux LX to tackle their telephony challenge? What can you learn from their experience? Diabetes Singapore (DS) is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation. Its mission...
DNA Kits

Business Opportunities For DNA Testing Kits

The market for genome data testing is disrupting globally. The direct-to-consumer genome testing market is expected to be worth 340 million USD by 2020, growing annually at 25 per...

For A Successful Vertical Farming Tech Business Put Farming First

If you wish to sell technology to verticals like healthcare and education, you have to learn to push technology to the background. What is more important is to understand...